The Founder and President 

Garth B Thompson

I am the Founder and President / Director and Chairman

Many years ago, I had lots of dreams and the one that stood out was to help humanity. Today as the world looks for support in communities I feel their is a need for my full participation.  I have been working diligently day after day on ways in which  I can help to make a difference for someone in all neigborhood. I have not disclosed most of my work with the international world. Therefore, I intend to one day.  The non profit corporation GCPTALKS, INC is advocating for its partner and will carry out the programs and projects along with its policy.

            Therefore, talented artiste interviews will be the first most vital approach with those who are on interested will be ask present their biography. In addtion our corporation will respond in a interview session by presenting our portfolio which will speak of our motto. From these media session suitable and selected persons will be appointed to represent us while advocating for GCPTALKS, INC, programs and projects within the United States and partner branch in foreing nation. Such as Jamaica West Indies.

             Basically, GCPTALKS, INC is a multiple corporation non profit, with Fundraising interest for awareness issues and dire needs.  And, youth, Agricultural and sports develoment are just some of our multiple programs  and more.  For more information email or call Us.  More Details

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